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Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals | Part 1

Article written by Michael A. Pinto, Know What You Are Getting Into As will be explained in greater detail, cleaning and restoration professionals are increasingly being faced with the challenge of responding to situations where chemically sensitive individuals are involved.  While many professionals have some experience with individuals sensitive to… Read more »

Case of the 1,000-Pound Stack of Smoke-Filled Clothes

Article written by Ty Langevin Strange, how a fire can ignite from the most unlikely source; especially when that source is water related. A condo in an affluent community drew the unlucky straw of being located next to a pump station that ran the lawn sprinkler for six homes. When… Read more »

Hoarding Cleanup: Building a Team & Getting Paid

Article written by Michelle Blevins Restoration, in general, is not for the faint of heart. You can probably think of dozens of situations you’ve been in that would make the “average” person squirm. Snakes in a crawl space? Monster spiders in an attic? Sewage up to your shins? Hoards of… Read more »

Odor Control: Everything You Need to Know

Article written by Jeff Heyd In our industry, we face jobsite odor problems almost daily, and no matter how much experience we gain, how much training we get, or how many of these educational articles we read, controlling odors can still be a challenge. So, here’s a quick summary of… Read more »

6 Things to Know to Get Paid for Sewage Claims

Article written by David J. Dybdahl This is the third in a series of articles on how to get paid for insured restoration work. The first two articles focused on accelerating payments from insurance companies and from banks holding two party checks in escrow, mostly in homeowners insurance claims. This… Read more »